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24. Nov 2021

Two new influenza cases were added last week

Last week saw two new influenza cases being added to the list. Since the beginning of the season, a total of four influenza A cases have been confirmed following laboratory tests.

15. Oct 2021

The influenza virus season has begun

In week 40, a total of 5,123 people sought medical attention with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections. Of that figure, children formed a sizable 40%. This is twice as many as in the first week of last year’s flu season. So far, though, no influenza virus cases in the 2021/2022 season have been confirmed by means of laboratory testing.

20. May 2021

Influenza blog, week 19: no new influenza cases added

No new influenza cases were added in Estonia during week 19. Overall so far, a total of six influenza cases have been confirmed in Estonia this season through laboratory analyses, involving two cases of influenza A and four cases of influenza B. Two individuals have been hospitalised due to influenza.