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In the framework of the national vaccination schedule, adults can get vaccinated against diphtheria and tetanus for free. A fee is charged for other vaccination injections.


Recommended age-based vaccination schedule for adults




≥ 65-year-olds

Diphteria, tetanus


Diphtheria, tetanus (Td) 1 dose once every 10 years.

Measles, rubella, mumps (MMR)

1 or 2 doses

Viral hepatitis A

2 doses

Viral hepatitis B

3 doses

Flu (inactivated)

1 dose every season

Human papillomavirus inflection

3 doses


Pneumococcal inflection (polysaccharide)



1 dose repeated after ≥5 years

1 repeated doses

Pneumococcal inflection (conjugated)



1 dose repeated after ≥5 years

1 repeated dose

Herpes zoster



1 dose

Poliomyelitis (IPV)

1 dose

Tick-borne encephalitis

3 dose and 1 repeat dose after 3-5 years

The table has been compiled with the estimation that the person has been vaccinated as a young person in accordance with the national immunisation scheme.


The Estonian immunisation schedule has been prepared in cooperation between doctors, researchers and state representatives, taking into account:

  • what are the prevalent vaccine-preventable infectious diseases;
  • the age at which people have the highest risk of infection;
  • the best time for vaccination based on the characteristics of an organism;
  • what has been proven, by way of medical research, regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines.