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Get vaccinated against COVID-19 as this will allow us to return to our normal lives. More information

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Vaccinating children

The body of each child is protected by their immune system. It is in our power to strengthen this system even more, taking into account the characteristics of a child’s immune system.

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Vaccination of adults

An average adult is exposed to thousands of pathogens daily. The immune system, which works continuously and imperceptibly, protects the body from those pathogens.

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For healthcare workers

Healthcare workers professionals play a very important role in conducting vaccination. The information and explanations received from them affect people's decisions, and the feedback and statistics collected help direct vaccination policies.

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Expert committee

Expert committee

Since 2006, an expert committee on immunoprophylaxis has been working at the Ministry of Social Affairs; the duties of the committee are the following:

  • to advise the Ministry of Social Affairs on the implementation, supplementation and updating of national immunoprophylactic activities and to make relevant proposals;
  • to advise the Ministry of Social Affairs on the implementation, supplementation and updating of the national immunisation schedule;
  • to coordinate national procurement plans for immunological preparations and to advise, if necessary, the Department of Medicines of the Ministry of Social Affairs, in preparing public procurements of immunological preparations.

The committee includes representatives from the following organizations:

  • Health Board
  • Agency of Medicines
  • Estonian Health Insurance Fund
  • Estonian Association of Family Doctors
  • Estonian Paediatric Association
  • Estonian Society of Infectious Diseases
  • Estonian Society for Immunology and Allergology
  • Estonian Nurses Union
  • Estonian Union for Child Welfare
  • Institute of Microbiology of the University of Tartu
  • Ministry of Social Affairs


The members of the committee discuss, analyse and substantiate the proposals made on the basis of medical efficiency, social impact, feasibility and alternative solutions.


The work of the expert committee on immunoprophylaxis and its decisions can be read about in greater detail on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs.